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Keridee by Michelle Miller

By Pamelascott

A small-town waitress, awestruck by dreams of a bigger world, looks forward to the biggest break of a budding career in this darkly comic short tale of what happens when innocence collides with cynicism.

Eighteen-year-old Keridee is done with high school, her cheating boyfriend, her jealous friends, and Nowhere, Florida. She's determined to do something with her life, and her small-time modeling agent has already scored her a gig. She's working an event for a billionaire real estate mogul who happens to own a huge modeling agency. What if he's dazzled by her smile and makes her a star? What if the impossible actually happens?

Keridee is part of The Fairer Sex, a collection of sexy, satirical, and sometimes harrowing short stories that explore the question: "What do women want?" The answer is different for every woman, but each can be read or listened to in a single sitting.


[Keridee is pretty, and it wasn't her fault]


(Amazon Original Stories, 14 February 2019, ebook, 14 pages, ebook borrowed from @AmazonKindle #PrimeReading)



I usually enjoy the short reads from Amazon Original Stories. I thought this story was okay, not brilliant but not awful. I enjoyed it a lot at times but there were sections that left me cold. I felt the story was uneven in places. Kerideeseems like two people at times. The story is quite light.

Keridee Michelle Miller

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