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Kept Safe by the Government Or from the Government?

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
One of the big news items of the previous few days has been the data leak that happened when the Likud uploaded data on Israel's approximately 6 and a half million voters, the entire voter registry of Israel, to an unsecured app.
There are a lot of factors that need to be investigated in this story, and depending on what is discovered, a lot of heads should roll (both in the Likud and in the organization responsible for maintaining and protecting the voter information, and surely there are others as well).
I just think back to the days prior to the decision of whether to move  the Israeli population database to a biometric system and switch identity cards and passports to biometric. I remember the heated arguments fighting against it about how the data and personal information of millions of citizens will not be safe. and those supporting it promised the government would keep it safe...
I think this fiasco here, while not specifically connected to the biometric system, shows us that the government does not really keep our data safe. Not only that, but our data needs to be kept safe from the government more than it need to be kept safe by the government.
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