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Kendall Jenner And Pepsi Face Mega Backlash For Appropriating Injustice Protests In New Ad

Posted on the 05 April 2017 by Sumithardia

Kendall Jenner And Pepsi Face Mega Backlash For New Ad
Nothing says “Movement” like…Kendall Jenner. At least that’s what Pepsi seems to think.
The soft drink brand released a new commercial, entitled “Live For Now Moments Anthem,” featuring music by Skip Marley and a nonspecific peaceful protest, guarded by equally peaceful, seemingly unarmed and unfazed police officers. Because THAT’S how protests go…
In the midst of seeing all the people protest nothing in particular, Kendall gets woke in the middle of her photo shoot.

So, the cop accepts a Pepsi from a supermodel and we’re all free! Injustice ends! Or something.
Seriously, Pepsi is catching some major flack for this tone-deaf advertising. We’re not sure how hinting toward some miscellaneous “revolution” guarded by friendly, unarmed police was supposed to make us want to sip what they’re serving…but as you could guess most of social media wasn’t having it.
What do YOU think of Kendall’s “revolutionary” Pepsi ad?

Source: bossip.com

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