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Ke$ha and The Cannibal Capsule: Hot Or Not?

By Jonathansfinejewelers @Jon_Siegel

Ke$haIt seems that every Tom, Dick and Pop Star has started a jewelry line, a fashion line, a cosmetics line or has a perfume out, so it shouldn’t be any surprise that Kesha is next on the list to have her own line coming out, and just like everything else she does it is edgy, and that doesn’t have a $ in it!


The Cannibal – Hot or Not?

Teeth Bracelet
Now, no one has seen the full line, but I can tell you that one part is called the Cannibal, and just like the name implies, it contains teeth in various forms.  Molars and incisors that are gold plated hanging from chains and being used as charm bracelets and rings.

But, have no fear, because unlike the tooth laden headdress Kesha made out of her fans love notes they sent her, these teeth are not real.  If you are interested in any of these teeth, or would like to add them to your own collection, they will be available in August from her website.

But, Should We Stop at Teeth?

hair necklace
Here is the question de jour? Why stop at teeth? There is a woman on Etsy who will take your breast milk and stamp it onto a pendant that you can wear until you get thirsty!  Now, that is ingenious, don’t you think?  And, if you don’t think this is a hot trend, she has made over 600 sales and counting and been featured EVERYWHERE!

What about fingernails? Don’t worry, we’ve got you’ve covered! We found someone who takes fingernail clippings and makes bugs out of them and then sets them in resin to look like they are in amber and makes rings and pendants.  Hot or not? I suppose if you didn’t know they were fingernails? More importantly, where does she get the clippings??

How about a necklace made of human hair? Would you wear this to your favorite black tie event or restaurant?

Hot or Not?

If you think about it almost everything that you grow on yourself can be reused and recycled and made into jewelry.  The question is would you wear it?

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