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Keeping Your Summer Under Budget: Money Saving and Making Tips!

By A Lot On Your Plate @ALotOnYourPlate

Keeping Your Summer Under Budget:

Money Saving and Making Tips!


A Lot on Your Plate is proud to present a guest blogger onto the site!  Her name is Shaye Walsh, a single mother who has a passion for family, budgeting money, fitness, and more!  Check out her guest post below for tips on saving money and budget friendly spending as we close out the end of Summer 2013!


Are you longing to get out of the house and into summer vacation? With kids out of school and mom and dad still locked into their regular nine-to-five jobs, the idea of family vacation may seem like nothing more than a distant dream. Both stay-at-home moms and moms in the workforce can find ways to stretch summer dollars and even make a little extra money on the side. Check out these tips!


Especially if you or your kids love animals, pet sitting can provide a great way to earn a little extra cash during the summer. Many pet owners struggle to find reliable care for their animals at vacation time. You can supply an alternative to impersonal kennels. This idea works great even for those with busy schedules; because you don’t have to be at home the entire time in order to provide quality care for someone’s furry friend.

Double a recipe and Save

The kids won’t mind eating leftovers a couple extra times a week, and making a double recipe of any dish means you decrease the amount of time your oven or stovetop is heating up your home. Some recipes such as meatloaf can be enjoy cold the next day, but if your family wants it warmed up, you’ll still save when they use the microwave instead of the oven.

Free Outings

Many times zoos, museums and other attractions offer free days, especially to local taxpayers. You can go to an attraction’s website to learn about these offers. For other fun, free events, check with your local parks and recreation commission for a schedule of free concerts or outdoor movies that you and your family can enjoy together.


We all have areas in which we excel. What was your major in college? Do you find it particularly easy to help your kids with math or science homework? Take that skill and market it to neighbors and others whose kids might needs some assistance that they can’t provide. You’ll earn a little extra money for your summer, and they will be a step ahead when school starts.

Saving money and earning a little extra income in the summertime can be done in a number of different ways. As you can see from these tips, you can even do it without sacrificing large portions of time.

About Shaye:

Shaye is a single mom that has a passion for family, budgeting, healthy living, fitness, and travel. She loves finding new ways to cook healthier and stay fit, all while doing it on a budget. She has a beautiful son and one eccentric dog, but wouldn’t have it any other way.. Follow her blog at!

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