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Keeping the MUFF Healthy - Round 6 1m 37s

Posted on the 25 September 2012 by The Contender @The__Contender
Keeping the MUFF healthy - Round 6 1m 37sA key part of the MPT (MUFF Planning Toolkit) is MALP (MUFF Awesome Life Plan). It includes a large section on health which is probably the most important part of the plan - invest in yourself. This post will cover putting a health plan into practice and some very interesting cheap effective alternative therapies that you may not have heard of - oxygen treatment and colloidal silver.
MUFF has been a very active person. I played competitive football and rugby every week in my youth. I generally walked to training which was always several miles. Each night I would be out with my mates kicking a ball around or playing run-outs. Even though I ate heartily I was never overweight.
Keeping the MUFF healthy - Round 6 1m 37s
MUFF then started down a less healthy route. On starting a corporate job the playing field was replaced with a desk and computer. Running to training has been replaced by a significant commute of up to 2 hours, sat behind the wheel of a car. Coffee on tap and the occasional muffin for those long meetings. Then something new crept in, stress. Deadlines had to be met, planes caught on time and appraisals survived - but the corporate message was that stress helped my performance. Weekends were spent eating out and having a few too many beers. This was all quickly leading to MAD (Muff Assured Destruction)
Nowadays MUFF still enjoys a full English breakfast from time to time and a glass of wine. As a house husband my main exercise is running after the children. Takeaways have stopped we eat balanced, healthy home cooked meals together as a family each night. Generally we are looking after ourselves since the hell raising days of old.
The first prompt to be healthier started with a substance called BPA in baby bottles. We were horrified to find out, after the birth of our second daughter who was using the bottles that were inherited from her sister, that the plastic baby bottles were "changed" to remove BPA. We were advised that the substance "could" damage the babies longer term health! We were astonished that a risk was known of but the product was not changed straight away. As a parent you do not want any risk at all and will pay more for a safe product. Incidentally the same topic is relevant to adults as well as: plastic bottles can "leak" contaminants.
MUFF is definitely not an expert or guru on health. I decided to do some more research on the web. What things are unhealthy and what things should we embrace as a family? More "bad stuff" surfaced such as fluoride in toothpaste - bad for you.... The list of bad things rapidly grew. This list could have been endless if we considered the continual drip feed on the causes cancer \ heart disease etc. from the media Blah Blah Blah. What can MUFF really believe?
The modern world has moved on so much in the last 20 years. Lots of new technologies and man made substances have entered our daily lives. An example is food packaging, to "protect it" or convey a marketing message (Think milk used to be in glass bottles now plastic cartons or bottles). Lets consider some other "pollutants" introduced into our environment:
  1. Food packaging using man made materials
  2. Addition of additives to food and water such as in the example of fluoride
  3. Food containers and preservatives
  4. Mobile phone radiation
  5. WiFi Radiation from computers and routers
  6. Mobile phone mast radiation
  7. Power cable radiation
  8. Over medication and injections
 What is causing huge increases in Autism?

Keeping the MUFF healthy - Round 6 1m 37s


    We all want good health. from a young age we strive to take our first steps to get mobile. Try the food that is given to us and want to actively engage with our environment with play. Later in life we want to look good to attract a mate.  Exercise is from playing a favorite sport at school \ college and generally walking \ cycling a lot due to limited access to your own car. So why does this healthy routine slow down in a lot of cases?
    As in MUFF's case above you could argue that work is more sedimentary now. Precious time is dedicated to work and a substantial commute. Free leisure and family time is being squeezed.
    Active leisure is being supplanted by following TV coverage. The number of channels have exploded in the last few years. MUFF was used to playing now that time was being used to go to the pub to unwind after a long stressful day in the office. Having a have a few beers or being a "couch potato" is replacing the active participation. We need to be active ourselves not just watch it.

    Keeping the MUFF healthy - Round 6 1m 37s


    Societies increasingly unhealthy lifestyle is being "treated" with expensive diet crazes. Ideally we need to prevent or curtail the unhealthy habit in the first place. Ultimately this will be healthy as well as cost effective in the long run. The need for the habits of  natural exercise and a good diet while suppressing temptations is something that needs to be reinforced throughout life.
    The rest of this post is about building prevention and healing into a daily routine - please read on!


    Why take the risk in the first place? What if food is bought un-packaged from a local market? Does this take away some risk? Is the food going to be fresher with more of its nutrients intact than from a store? Mobile phones can be used minimally and not carried directly on the person, but in a bag? Don't live next to power lines and transformers?
    Would we see any of the above of a real hardship if they cost slightly more considering the benefits?
    As for avoiding bad eating habits here is a short clip from George Carlin on pervasive food advertising - I think he is spot on:

    Key Concept: Build prevention of ailments into your daily routine.
    Experts bang the drum for eating healthily and exercising because it prevents health issues. The health service is "Sick Care" really it should be
    1. Preventative care and secondly 
    2. Sick care
    In the UK in 2009 £3.7 Billion (4%) of the UK health budget was ONLY dedicated to prevention. If we were to spend more money preventing illnesses would we not reduce the total size of the health budget?

    Healing - Supplemental Alternative Health

    MUFF has been following some alternative medicine. This has primarily been interested in prevention and healing. The method for prevention and healing is oxygen therapy and colloidal silver. For more information on these please see the utube channel of We have an ozone generator and a colloidal silver maker:

    Keeping the MUFF healthy - Round 6 1m 37s

    MUFF's Ozone Generator for fresh ozonated water 3 times a day

    Oxygen therapy - We have three glasses of ozonated water a day. It is an easy and cheap health supplement to help de-toxify the blood and kill any pathogens in it. Here are some benefits:
    1. Fights pathogens and viruses
    2. Blood purifier
    3. Improves digestion
    4. Enhances mood
    5. Good for a hangover :)
    The ozonator is shown in action on the left (~£100 running cost electricity).
    A list of 100 benefits can be found here.
    Colloidal Silver - we have made our own colloidal silver solution and gel. We have used it on infections, athletes foot and as a mouthwash - it has been very effective. Again this is very cheap to make.
    Is not widely know even when it was used extensively up to around the 1930's. Silver is widely used to treat drinking water and now silver is being widely used in bandages and plaster. An extensive list of uses can be found here, here and here. Here are a select few:
    • Add to suspected drinking water when traveling or camping.
    • Silver-sprayed burns heal rapidly without scarring.
    • Safely sterilize anything from toothbrushes to surgical instruments.
    • Use topically on cuts, wounds, abrasions, rashes, sunburn, insect bites, razor nicks and bandages.
    • Spray in rubbish bins to prevent decay odors.
    • Spray in shoes and between toes to stop most skin itch, athletes foot and fungi.
    • Diminish dandruff, psoriasis, skin rashes, etc.
    • Cuts downtime dramatically from colds, flu, pneumonia, staph, strep, respiratory infections and
      rhino viruses.
    • Can impede tooth decay and bad breath as a mouthwash.

    Keeping the MUFF healthy - Round 6 1m 37s

    My Colloidal Silver Kit

    Above my colloidal silver kit (cost ~£150 running cost electricity and some distilled water) consists of
    • Silver generator
    • Purified (distilled) water
    • Silver rods that are suspended in a jar where the distilled water is placed
    • Rechargeable battery kit
    • Xanthum (to make silver gel)
    • Dispensers (bottle, dropper and spray)

    Key Concept: Learn how to help to heal yourself

    Building health into the MUFF daily routine

    A section on health planning is included in the MALP plan. Putting it into action is achieved through a calendar and white board:
    1. The white board has a set of recommended meals we like as a family (a chocolate box of choice). It is not too restrictive. An example is today for lunch is fish and vegetables it does not say what fish and veg or how it is cooked.
    2. The white board also gently prompts us towards more exercise :)
    3. We always make a shopping list and do not buy on impulse. This way we help to control our desires for those chocolate biscuits or ice cream to a infrequent treat rather than a regular indulgence. Using a shopping list also helps us to spot bargains to save money - we bulk buy them when we can.
    4. We make sure we eat fresh food every day and some of it raw where possible.
    5. We keep out house clean and uncluttered
    6. We practice some alternative medicine
    We have the knowledge at our fingertips to be active, healthy and happy individuals through some simple habits: a healthy varied diet, preventive exercise and supplemental health care. Health is something money cannot buy back when it is gone. It one of the true gifts in life. I wish you all a healthy, active and most of all happy life.
      MUFF - English breakfast muffins for anyone - not so healthy ! :)
      Keeping the MUFF healthy - Round 6 1m 37s

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