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Keep Your Relaxed Scalp Healthy

By Naturallychicxoxo

It’s Extremely Important to Keep your scalp clean and healthy if you want to grow longer, stronger, healthier RELAXED hair.A clear scalp will Promote your hair to grow without obstacles and a healthy scalp will help prevent dandruff and irritation.Here are a few tips to help you achieve a strong, healthy scalp:

* No Grease

Avoid putting any “grease” on the scalp. Any products which contain petroleum and mineral oil will only sit on the scalp and attract dust and dirt. In addition, the heavy thick coating of product will not allow the scalp to breathe.

Instead, using a light oil like jojoba or coconut on the scalp can reduce that dry, tight feeling. Or, apply a light coating of a natural pomade like Jane Carter Solution to the scalp if you require something heavier.

* No Buildup

Although co-washing (washing the hair with conditioner) is a great way to add moisture to the hair, make sure to wash with a sulfate-free shampoo once a week to help remove product buildup. If you do shampoo once a week, still use a clarifying shampoo once a month to remove excess build up from the scalp.

* Use a Scalp Friendly Shampoo

There are plenty of shampoo and conditioner sets that are now designed to help you maintain a healthy, balanced scalp. Aveda has a “Scalp Benefits” Shampoo, which is highly recommended. There is also a new shampoo called Clear Shampoo and Conditioner, designed to help balance and nourish the scalp. if you have a dry, itchy or sensitive scalp, I personally recommend Keracare Dry and Itchy Scalp shampoo and conditioner, which has really helped me combat dryness over the years.

* No Burns

Burns from relaxers do a considerable about of damage to the scalp and should be avoided. To keep your touchups burn free, make sure to:

  • Avoid wetting or washing the scalp at least 4 days prior to the appointment
  • Avoid exercising the week of the relaxer as the sweat and dirt buildup can lead to scalp irritation
  • Avoid getting caught in the rain
  • Avoid sweating on the way to the appointment. One summer day, I walked to my appointment and because I was sweating and my pores were open, I had to sit under a cold dryer to cool down.

In addition, apply a thin layer of oil or castor oil to the scalp to soften the new growth and prepare your scalp for the touch up.

* Avoid Tension

To keep your scalp stress free and healthy, avoid using excess tension when styling or handling the hair. Constantly slicking the hair back will not only thin your hair overtime, it will put a lot of stress the hair root. Avoid braids and weaves that are too tight and be gentle when applying scarves and head wraps.


Hope this Helps MyRelaxed chicas



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