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Keep the Bacon Sign

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
I snagged the following article off the Google+ page of Rabbi Fishel Jacobs of Vermont. Rabbi Jacobs wrote this in response to a new report about a local diner that removed a sign about bacon, in a show of tolerance to Muslims that do not eat bacon.
Rabbi Says: Keep The Bacon Sign!
I was waiting for this to happen in my beloved state of Vermont. It was as inevitable, as it is reprehensible.
The story, which was reported on different national media sites (e.g. National Review Online), is summarized with this excerpted passage:
"In June, in return for taking part in a local volunteer initiative to plant flower beds in the city’s traffic medians, the diner was awarded a sign on a lamp post that said “Yield for Sneakers Bacon.” A woman took issue with the sign, calling it insensitive to those who don’t eat pork."
The diner removed the sign. And, expectedly, the local Vermont media, including the good mayor of Winooski, fell over themselves lauding the diner's "sensitivity" to diversity.
My writing, here, is not meant to attack the well-meaning mayor, nor the well-intentioned media. It is meant to say this: Removing this sign, even entertaining the thought, are grossly misled decisions.
Unless you're in a cave and haven't been reading the news these last few years, a definite pattern is appearing worldwide. It's simple, straightforward and devastating.
Islam, and of course we're talking about its followers, are on a blood-thirsty rampage to force themselves, and their sick cult, down society's throats.
We're speaking about Asia, Europe and now the United States. The pattern is absolutely defined. When the Islamic minority grows large enough, the rush for taking hold becomes violent. This is what's happening in London, where entire neighborhoods full of Islamic immigrants have already declared Sharia law is in effect. Police have long ago ceased entering these anti-democracy zones. The same is true for Belgium and France.
It would be superfluous to reiterate commonly known, though horrific, details of daily life in those countries. It's all being consistently covered in the media.
When the minority has little representation, for example in Vermont, the tactics begin such as this. A complaint about an unobtrusive road sign!
How dare they!
I, the writer of these lines, grew up in this glorious state. I'm a 1979 UVM graduate. (As an unrelated aside, I was even elected as the 1973 American Legion Boys State Governor.
However, more pointedly, I am also presently a practicing orthodox Rabbi. My gosh, if anyone would have protested a road sign(!) mentioning bacon, it would have been me! (Or another of the couple dozen kosher food eating Jews in the State.)
But, we didn't. Because, we know that diversity is a two way street. We don't eat bacon, but some other people do. That sign didn't force me to enter that diner, nor should my beliefs force that diner to enter my world.
Live and let live. Diversity and sensitivity means we all find a way to retain our own personal values -- while blending into society.
That takes maturity. To be part of a group, while simultaneously remaining true to your personal identity.
But, I am ashamed, today, for those who removed that sign. I am ashamed that the once proud independent New England - Vermont - pioneering nature has been dirtied. It's been reduced to a cowardice to state the simple.
"We're sorry if this sign offended you, lady. But, you're gonna have to live with it. And, by the way, you're gonna have to live with a lot of things which you might not like. It's called maturity."
No one is going to tell me that it's about diversity. That's hogwash, too.
If a Jewish Vermonter had made the complaint (which they wouldn't as that is out of character) the sign would not have gone down. If a Korean citizen had made the complaint, it wouldn't have, either.
The reason is that people know that Jews, nor Koreans, won't get violent over things like this.
The reality is that violence, the fear of it, or of other repercussions - which we've gotten used to in recent years from Islamics worldwide -- was the motivating reason for the sign's removal.
No one is going to convince me that the worldwide campaign of fear and reprisal we see daily in the news was  not the cause of that sign being removed and an apology presented!
I am ashamed and embarrassed. We live in America. We can not, nor should we, allow ourselves to victims of Islamic aggression.
Look around the world. Today it's a road sign. Tomorrow, it's menus in  restaurants, changing clothing in women's sections of stores. The ultimate goal is acknowledgement of Sharia law.
This stuff is insidious. And, we need to be alert and firm.
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