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Keep Animals Safe On Bonfire Night

By Azanimals @azanimals
Keep Animals Safe On Bonfire Night (c) A-Z-Animals The celebrations of the 5th November every year almost mark the end of Autumn and the beginning of Winter, as it is at this time of year when small mammals are preparing for the months ahead by either collecting the last nuts and berries for their winter stash, or by finding somewhere safe and secure to hibernate.

However, many people will begin building their bonfires soon (if they haven't already started) to set alight on Bonfire Night in remembrance of the attempt to overthrow King James in 1605, when Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up the Houses Of Parliament in London with 36 barrels of gunpowder.

Today, Guys (dummys) are made and burnt on top of the bonfire but it is what could be lurking in the depths that is at most threat. Hedgehogs particularly, are known to try and hibernate in the dark depths of pre-built bonfires so they should always be checked for signs of snoozing life before they are set on fire.

Due to the vast amount of explosives that were going to be used in the Gunpowder Plot of 1605, fireworks are also set off on November 5th every year both in gardens and in enormous quantities at public displays, which although may look pretty can also severely disturb animals both in the wild and at home.

The loud bangs and whistles released into the sky are incredibly scary for pets particularly, as they have no idea what is going on. Please ensure that dogs and cats are not left on their own and are reassured, and are not allowed to venture out into areas where fireworks are either due to be released or have been set-off recently.

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