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KDRAMA | One Well-Raised Daughter 잘 키운 딸 하나

By Tere Bernardo @terebol
KDRAMA | One Well-Raised Daughter 잘 키운 딸 하나ONE WELL-RAISED DAUGHTER
(A Well-Raised Daughter)
Korean Drama | 2013 | 122 Episodes
Romance | Family | Gender Bending
KDRAMA | One Well-Raised Daughter 잘 키운 딸 하나

The Jang family has been in the soy sauce business for many centuries. They own Hwangso Soy Sauce Factory and are very big on tradition, one of which is passing the ownership and leadership of the business to the eldest son of the family. Unfortunately, the patriarch's son's wife, Joo Hyo Sun, had a miscarriage while pregnant with a baby boy. She and her husband already have three daughters and no hope for a son after the what happened.

Hyo Sun's friend, Im Chung Ran, took advantage of the situation by seducing her Hyo Sun's husband, who later met a tragic accident and died. She came back after giving birth to a boy, Jang Ra Gong, and claimed that he is the rightful heir to family business. Because she gave the Jang family a son, an heir, she was able to force her way into the Jang household, kick Hyo Sun and her daughters out of the house and move her family in. She and her family took advantage of their improved social and financial status every chance they got.

Hyo Sun found out that she is miraculously pregnant again, the baby conceived before her husband died. She considers her pregnancy as a gift and a blessing though life became very hard for her and her daughters. She gave birth to another girl and named her Jang Ha Na.Years passed and Hyo Sun continued to struggle to provide for her children by working multiple jobs at a time. But her health suffered and she eventually got sick. She was forced to send two of her daughters with her aunt to the US. Ha Na, who is now eight years old, very intelligent and responsible, and her eldest and mentally challenged daughter, Jang Ha Myung, stayed with her. Desperate to give her two daughters a good home and education, Hyo Sun cut Ha Na's hair, dressed her as a boy and told her that she and her sister are going back to their paternal grandfather's home and live there. To do this however, Ha Na will have to become Jang Eun Sung, the second son of the Jang family.Can Eun Song ever go back to being Ha Na?

KDRAMA | One Well-Raised Daughter 잘 키운 딸 하나

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KDRAMA | One Well-Raised Daughter 잘 키운 딸 하나

- Main Cast -Park Han Byul as Jang Ha Na / Jang Eun SungLee Tae Gon as Han Yoon ChanJung Eun Woo as Sul Do HyunYoon Se In as Gu Ra Hee
- Extended Cast -Kim Joo Young as Jang Ra GongYoon Yoo Sun as Joo Hyo Sun (Ha Na's mother)Ha Jae Sook as Jang Ha Myung (Ha Na's sister)Park In Hwan as Jang Pan Ro (Ha Na's grandfather)Lee Hye Sook as Im Chung Ran (Ra Gong's mother)Kim Ji Young as Byun Jong Soon (Ra Gong's grandmother)Choi Jae Sung as Sul Jin Mook (Yoon Chan & Do Hyun's father)Han Yoo Yi as Sul Do Eun (Do Hyun's sister)Jang Da Na as young Ha Na / Eun SungJang Min Kyo as young Ra GongJo Min Ah as young Ra HeeKim Min Young as young Ha MyungLee Young Bum as Jang Min Suk (Ha Na's father)
KDRAMA | One Well-Raised Daughter 잘 키운 딸 하나
KDRAMA | One Well-Raised Daughter 잘 키운 딸 하나

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