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K.C. Cool: 7 Striking Designs in Kansas City, Missouri

By Dwell @dwell
It's easy to overlook Kansas City, Missouri. Located squarely in the nation's center, it is better known for its barbecue and bebop than as an incubator for creative design and architecture. But the city's image is evolving. The opening in 2011 of the visually striking Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, desiged by Moshe Safdie, helped the city stake out a new reputation as a culturally vibrant metropolis, and a cohort of daringly inventive local architects are designing and renovating homes in visually striking ways. Today, we take a look at seven noteworthy Kansas City projects from Dwell's archives. Slideshow Photo

For more than a decade, El Dorado Inc., or “the Eldos” as the architecture firm’s members are known, has been at the heart of Kansas City’s metamorphosis. From an office in the Crossroads Arts District, a once-overlooked neighborhood just south of downtown, El Dorado has overseen a prolific number of projects, including 5 Delaware, a 13-unit building in the city's pedestrian-friendly River Market neighborhood. Photo by Daniel Hennessy.

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