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Kayakoy: The Ghost Village

By Josephharrison1990 @JTAH_1990

Kayaköy, a forgotten village located just four miles away from Fethiye holds many secrets. I love this place for its peaceful atmosphere, there's no doubt in my mind that this village is great. I've been here many times but I would have to say that each time has been very different. 

Kayakoy: The Ghost VillageHailed the 'Ghost Village' this eerily quiet place has a lot to tell. Once occupied by a large population of Greek Christians until approximately 1925 when they were ordered to leave Turkey for Greece. I usually walk to the top of the hill and through the abandoned houses but this time I didn't, but the view from top will always be the same beautiful site. I would like to say that being on holiday should really be a relaxing time but I've been busy to say the least, socialising and seeing new places has taken its toll. So, a visit to Kayaköy was very much needed. 

Staying at Muzzy's Place for the overnight, I've stayed there three times including my last visit. At night the temperature sometimes drops significantly, maybe those ghosts want to come out to play? It's always nice to escape from the tourist traps in favour for the peace and tranquility of Kayaköy.Take the Dolmuş from Fethiye heading towards Kayaköy and Hisarönü and look for Muzzy's Place because all the sights captured in the photo above are right their waiting for you. Do I sound like a droning reel of information? Well I don't care!

Kayakoy: The Ghost VillageKayaköy Village is now a UNESCO registered site as a 'World Friendship and Peace Village'. Amongst the ruins there is an abandoned Greek Orthodox church, which can be visited for a small charge due to been a protected site. I went to this church the first time that I visit Kayaköy and was amazed by the detail that was still left inside the church. Walking through the hilly village brings many surprises but also plants many seeds of thought too. How would you feel about being ordered to leave your home and the country that you were living in? I wouldn';t of been to impressed! Nevertheless, a walk up the hill brings the best view in town, as captured to the left you can see Gemiler Bay in the distance. In the summer's heat the view from the top is well worth it!

I would have to say that Kayaköy has many identities, known by its Turkish name there's another name for this village. Levissi, the Greek name for Kayaköy was used during the Greek occupation but was fittingly changed back to Kayaköy after the transition period. I must admit that the heat of the day feels cooler in Kayaköy, this place has a vibe that really chills you out I mean complete relaxation. How could you not love a place with a story? After all we all love a bit of drama? Don't we? Turkey has so many hidden gems, across this vast country that make Kayaköy that bit more loveable! We have to give thanks for the laws and legislation that protect Kayaköy from being altered or changed in any way. A government move I believe to be more than worthwhile. 

Kayakoy: The Ghost VillageKayaköy has a lovely little village centre, complete with everything a local villager could possibly need. There's a barber shop, convenience store with a Turkish pancake corner and also a restaurant across the road. The main roundabout centres around the main amenities of Kayaköy so you would be a fool to get lost! To mix things up this year I took a walk from Muzzy's Place to find the heart of the village, I wasn't climbing no hill! I didn't see the Levissi Wine Garden on my travels but I did stumble upon many quaint country lanes, which all exuded the perfect measure of character. 

I believe that horseriding is a great activity to capture the best of Kaya village. Horseriding isn't my thing at all so you're not going to see me trotting through the village lanes sat upon a fine horse! Lots of tourists visit Kaya Village by the coachload but I dislike this because too many people ruin the calm and peacefulness of this serene hideaway. Tourism is tourism I suppose, a help and a hindrance in the same breath. But I suppose the village is quite large so even the largest coachload of tourists probably wouldn't completely disturb the calm?! What do you think about that? 

Finally, I leave Kayaköy with more timeless memories that will stay with me for a long time. Thank you for another relaxing and thought provoking trip I guess I will see you next time Kaya Village! Kayaköy, I ain't afraid of no ghost!

Joseph Harrison

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