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Katy Perry Joins the Marine Corps

Posted on the 15 May 2012 by Mikeb302000

It's so silly it's embarrassing, yet there have been over 50 million views.
One thing the video gets right is that young people who join the Marines often do so for less than patriotic and heroic motives.  More often than not it's about running away in one form or another.
Then, a couple years later the conservative element in the country puts these mixed-up kids on a pedestal of jingoistic and patriotic red, white and blue. They're elevated to heights of honor, often praised with exaggeratedly serious platitudes like, "thank you for your service."
You can hear this very often on the pro-gun blogs.  Some of the folks doing this are draft-dodgers and service-avoiders like Ted Nugent, that's real irony.  Others are former servicemen themselves who've chosen to forget their original motives and relish all the wrong-placed admiration and praise.
The truth is there has not been an honorable and necessary reason to participate in the military for about 65 years, if then. Oftentimes, participation in this global system of abuse, this world-policing by the US, is actually immoral. Those who do so are often constrained by economic disadvantages, the result being that minorities and the poor are over-represented, suicides and other forms of self-abuse are more and more prevalent, and after service care is off the charts.
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