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Katie’s Favourite Blog Posts

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

The other day one of my Evolvers (that's what the Evolve Your Style members call themselves over on their community page) mentioned how much a certain blog post had impacted on her and her style journey. That got me thinking that many of you may have favourite blog posts and so I asked readers to share with me the posts they love and I'm going to be sharing these lists with you as I know there is so much content here on Inside Out Style and I doubt anyone has read every blog post I've ever written! So here is the first in the series that I'll be sharing with you in the coming weeks, as it gives me a chance to have a Christmas break from producing new content and spend time with my family who are all on holiday.

Katie’s Favourite Blog Posts

Hi Imogen! I am thrilled to tell you what an eye-opening inspiration your blog is to me. I try weekly to keep up with you on your blog and apply the knowledge I've learned.

The most important ideas you have taught me and I apply are the benefits of column of color, nude shoes, 3rd piece, analogous contrast (I need color for my personality and personal coloring), taking pictures of outfits (because mirrors don't tell the whole truth), v-necks, vertical detailing, my best neutrals.

" Why do women let themselves go?" Reminded me to care for my body and myself because I am a role model to these three daughters of mine.

" Understanding the Style Puzzle " is a great resource and includes so many blog links.

" 10 Ways Personality is more important than body shape.." I hate tennis shoes unless I'm working out and they make me feel frumpy. Really digging into my personality traits and how I feel in clothes helps me understand why I feel good in certain outfits and not quite right in others, why I feel unkept with air dried, crunchy hair and no make up. I need styled hair, lipstick, a bit of jewelry and perfume daily to feel great.


Katie’s Favourite Blog Posts

What are your favourite blog posts? Which are the ones that have had the most impact and why? Drop me a line with your list and I'll share it here!

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