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Kate Hennessy - It's Time We Talked

By Kirstietancock @kirstietancock
When I meet Kate Hennessy in September after my bike ride, I knew we shared a bond, knew things no one else knew. Not only did we both have cf, but we had both been on ecmo and received life saving transplants. At that point no one knew the rough path Kate still had ahead of her and I never knew she would become such a good friend. Kate's path post transplant was very traumatic, infections, surgery and countless days in hospital.
She finally started to get her life back, her smile came back and we all thought that her rough start was coming to an end. Then an infection struck her down within 24 hours she was back on 10 litres of 02 unable to tolerate a bipap and talking invasive ventilation.
I can't tell you how scared I was Tuesday morning as Kate's mom told me she wasn't likely to make the day, that she was being made comfortable and my friend who had already been through so much was going through it all again. I cried and cried that morning, knowing by the time I finished my shift, Kate would probably already be gone. I felt so helpless and scared.
Only Kate didn't die, she once again fought the odds and battled through. On Thursday I went up to clinic and walking into Kate's room, she was already off oxygen! I held her tight and cried so grateful to have her still here and recovering.
Kate's had a hard time post transplant, but I thank her donor everyday, their the reason she is still here, the reason I got to meet someone so amazing and so special. Not only did I meet Kate but her mom to and they are two of the most amazing people!
So I would like you to watch this video on Kate spreading awareness of organ donation and how important it is.
Kate Hennessy - it's time we talked
Please share this video and get people talking about organ donation.
Kate Hennessy - it's time we talked

Here is a link to there event Hen fest 2013 please feel free to donate.
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