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Kashrut of Palestinian-made Coca Cola

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Kosharot posted the following update from the Rabbanut, about the kashrut of Coca Cola.
kashrut of Palestinian-made Coca Cola
The announcement refers to Coca Cola produced in the Palestinian Territories, specifically in Bitunia. The labeling is printed in Arabic and bears no kashrut symbols. It is cheaper than Coca Cola in Israel, and people are confused as to whether or not they can consume it, as it is the same brand that is considered kosher in Israel.
The announcement says that this product is produced without any kashrut supervision at all. Because of that, people that are concerned about kashrut should not consume this product, both because of the lack of kashrut supervision and also from an educational perspective - not getting used to buying products without kashrut supervision.
The debate surrounding this topic is never-ending, with some saying Coca Cola is the same and kosher all over, and others saying it is always localized and requires supervision. The Rabbanut position as announced is that it needs supervision, and even if you think it doesn't you should still avoid it for educational reasons.
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