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Kashrut Alert on Dr Pepper

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
The KLBD has issued a letter with a kashrut alert regarding a specific import of Dr Pepper drinks.
Kashrut alert on Dr Pepper
Kashrut alert on Dr Pepper
The letter says the regarding the cans of Dr Pepper imported by Star Brand - they, the KLBD, did not issue a kashrut certificate for this importer, they do not recognize this importer and the product should be removed form Israeli shelves.
this is not the first time there has been a kashrut issue with imported Dr Pepper.
So, buyer beware. Pay attention to the label to see which version of Dr Pepper you are getting and ensure it is actually certified kosher.
That being said, I must admit I do not understand something.
I often don't understand these type of alerts. They didn't give the specific importer a teuda. But he imported anyway. Did he import kosher Dr Pepper or not? Do they make some that are kosher and some that aren't and he imported the non kosher version? I get that he might be using their name without licensing, but that's more of a legal issue than a kashrut issue. They can sue him in court, they can fight to have the product removed for using their name without permission, etc. But is the Dr Pepper kosher or not?
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