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Kashrut Alert: Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey in Israel

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
the latest Rabbanut kashrut newsletter includes an item regarding a relatively common item... Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey
Kashrut alert: Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey in Israel
It seems that Jack Daniel's has been under the kashrut supervision of the Triangle K organization, run by Rav Ralbag. Reportedly, Rav Ralbag has removed his hechsher from these products imported to Israel by the importer Paneco. They have removed their hechsher for not following instructions. They still advertise these products on their website as kosher.
What's interesting to me about this is that most whiskeys (and whiskys) don't have hechshers at all, so is Jack Daniel's now in a position any worse than any other whiskey? Or maybe now that they had a hechsher but Ralbag pulled it, that is a "reiusa", putting them in a worse position?
Anyways, if you are buying Jack Daniel's in Israel, check if it was imported by Paneco and consider the above information.
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