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Kash - Full Of

Posted on the 18 May 2012 by Ripplemusic
Kash - Full Of
After the first spin I wasn't sure what to make of this recording. But like most creative things in life, art creatures born worthy of any one's time must be spent with eyes wide shut. In other words. Free your mind and your ears will follow. Set the controls for that dark place in the back of the mind. No rules. Just authentic original music that seems to be a natural extension of something real. Monsters, demons, angels and lovers. Like I said. I can't quite put my finger on it. This recording is creatively faultless. It's not trying to be anything. And just like the drum mix, this project called FULL OF, is slightly tilted to the left.
What caught my attention was the song titles. Inscriptions  like "Eagle" and "Hero of Lovers" or "Monster of Fire".  What do these song titles mean? Who the hell knows! But they seem to paint the walls of that dark hallway of the mind, that leads us all to mother muse. Just like The Doors did with Crystal Ship. But just to be clear here, KASH doesn't sound anything like The Doors. It's the lost thought and experience that's similar. A crystal ship sailing on the mystic sea through the hurricane of tired blood and found organisms.
Engineer Steve Albini (Scott Weiland, Iggy & the Stooges)  inflicts his legendary learned alchemy, and pushes these recordings masterfully. The recordings were done in a fresh new studio called Oxygen Studios. Just the name of the studio makes me want to get myself a tank full Oxygen Gas, mix in some nitrates and explore the realities of FULL OF, under the blanket of the Canadian nite sky. Now go ahead and  melt the mind in the dark halls of Eagles, Tigers and Lions. I think I hear  a sound - KASH FULL OF....(you fill in the blank!)
- wino chris 

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