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Karma Bites NRA Hero Richard Mack in the Ass

Posted on the 27 February 2015 by Mikeb302000

Karma Bites NRA Hero Richard Mack in the Ass

Hopefully Dead Soon

NRA Hall of Famer and professional dumbshit, Richard Mack, is learning that militant stupidity has a price.  Mack, you may recall, is a big fan of David Koresh, OathKeepers, Cliven Bundy and just about any white supremacist with a gun.
Naturally, he doesn't care mu
ch for a President who is black and has provided healthcare insurance for millions.
Well, it seems Richard Mack has come nose to nose with a problem.
Former Arizona county sheriff Richard Mack, a fierce opponent of Obamacare and a leader in the "constitutional sheriff" movement, is struggling to pay his medical bills after he and his wife each faced serious illnesses. The former sheriff and his wife do not have health insurance and started a GoFundMe campaign to solicit donations from family and friends to cover the costs of their medical care.
"Because they are self-employed, they have no medical insurance and are in desperate need of our assistance," reads a note on Mack's personal website.

Like all grifters, Mack seems intent on living off fellow gun nut rubes.

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