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Karl Schneider's Drunken Saturday Night 'trash Talk'

Posted on the 10 February 2013 by Doggone
A commenter by the name of Karl Schneider made me a challenge of $5k recently to come try to separate him from his guns, or gunz, and offering to provide his address.
We've been waiting and waiting and waiting here at penigma, but commenter Karl is just full of hot air; heck he may not even have any firearms at all, and I'm still skeptical about the cash offer.
He has failed to provide any evidence of having either firearms, or an address, much less $5k, or a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of to call his own.

So imagine my laughter at seeing something from Karl wind up in our junk folder, after all this time; yes, I almost missed it, nearly throwing it out the rest of the trash.  It was an email from 'Karl'. What made it so very funny is that hot-air-talking-out-his-derriere (where the rest of his hot air escapes) appears to be suggesting, without making quite such a bellicose challenge as his first attempt, is a more veiled threat.  I made the letters bigger when I cut and pasted, because clearly Karl likes to talk big, he just gets small when it comes to any follow-through.  :
Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2013 18:44:54 -0600
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: I found out where you live
Karl Schneider's drunken Saturday night 'trash talk'I'm guessing this is one of those lonely Saturday nights where alcohol is involved.
Before chickenshit Karl gets his silk and be-ribboned  knickers in a twist about the reproduction of his email here, I will take this opportunity to remind Karl and all readers that what is submitted to this blog, including emails, belongs to this blog, so we can do whatever we want with it once it is GIVEN to us. It says so very clearly in the left hand column with our blog rules.
We're still waiting on Karl telling us where he lives, the proof he owns firearms, and that he has $5k to his name.
I know where I live Karl.  Do you know YOUR OWN address? You did offer to provide it, Karl...; so are you going to follow through? Or are we going to continue waiting while you swill some more cheap liquid courage, or whatever it is you do to work yourself up at the keyboard?
You have the blog email, or you can put it in a comment, if you care to clarify that you were writing, in both cases, purely rhetorically, and that you didn't really mean any of what you wrote.

In case you hadn't guessed yet KARL, I am unimpressed with you, your comment, or your email.

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