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Karl + Chanel = Lethal! Fall/Winter 2012-13

By Janemow @janemow

I am always in awe of what Karl Lagerfeld’s mind comes up with for a fashion show. This week at Paris Fashion Week, he makes a point of reminding us that he definitely owns the catwalk.

My favorite reviews from this year’s show:

What does one do after a magical undersea romp? Karl Lagerfeld booked a Chanel journey to the center of the Earth, filled with rich-toned minerals of sparkling hues, where the granite sand glistened and huge stalagmites of various grays and purples (think anthracite and amethyst) soared high beneath the dome of the Grand Palais. Tilting this way and that, they evoked an off-kilter urban skyline, prompting Lagerfeld to quip in a preview that “nature makes a good designer, no?” – WWD

“..there was a credit no one would have seen at a fashion show before: eyebrows by Lesage, the legendary couture embroidery house. The strips of crystal that defined each model’s brows were a microcosmic rendition of the show’s grand design, which featured a set that looked like the Fortress of Solitude” -

Check out the show below; I suggest a quiet space and a cuppa! This is definitely one that will take your breath away and leave you yearning of a Chanel wardrobe! Enjoy!!

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