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Kalamazoo Cop Shot and Killed - Suspect Commits Suicide

Posted on the 20 April 2011 by Mikeb302000 has the story
Kalamazoo Cop Shot and Killed - Suspect Commits Suicide
This guy is another disturbed young gun owner. It matters not one single bit if he was already a convicted felon and disqualified from owning the gun or if he'd had a concealed carry permit. The gun is what ties them all together. The gun started out legally owned either by him or someone else from whom he got it. Our efforts need to be aimed at the last lawful owner of these guns used in crime. Only that way can we hope to improve the situation.
But, as long as the gun-rights extremists insist on shirking their responsibility in this vicious cycle, it'll continue unabated.
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By dan weston
posted on 25 April at 20:26
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i wounder how his cop buddies feel most of them cops deserved that in kalamazoo exspiecally the low life dope dealimg lieing scum bag child molisters cops that i no like coder , lovey. campbell, ostrander, beer bower ,that nasty liar hoe ,tracie . thompsomn ,oleary ,david butler , martin , ann hannon ,cancer man lamb , coyler, benson and most them creeps in the prosacuters little den of liers i hope they rott in hell your pack of dirty lieing child molestering scum

By Rumor
posted on 25 April at 19:19
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I think you have not thought this through.