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Kachol Lavan Burning Bridges Over Troubled Water

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
UTJ is, understandably, upset at Kchol Lavan and Benny Gantz for talking about passing, or trying to pass, a series of laws (such as the surrogacy law, a basic law of equality and a law that would have judges view the Declaration of Independence as a constitution of sorts) against the coalition and against policy the Haredi parties are willing to promote. 
That is in addition to threats of backing a law to dissolve the Knesset later today. And that is coming with the recent delay of the Draft Law.
UTJ has every right to be upset at Kachol Lavan for these moves. There are agreements in place, along with normal coalition behavior and discipline, and Kachol Lavan seems to be deciding to "go it on its own". UTJ has, and Shas as well, every right to be upset about policies being promoted against their values, especially when they took care to sign coalition agreements about such policies not being promoted or only by agreement and coordination with them (which would never happen).
What I do find funny is the statements being put out by them against Kachol Lavan. They are complaining about Kachol Lavan burning all bridges on the way to elections, and the like. As if Kachol Lavan would play nicely and do what UTJ wants UTJ might be willing to support them in the coming elections (whenever they might be). As if UTJ/Shas does anything for Kachol Lavan that these "bridges" are meaningful. I am all for not burning bridges when changing a relationship, but these bridges lead to nowhere anyway. These bridges all seem to be almost all one way anyway.
To Kachol Lavan's credit, sort of, Kachol Lavan is doing this against the Likud, not against UTJ and Shas. They just happen to be innocent bystanders. Considering the fighting between Likud and Kachol Lavan, it isn't undeserved, and it is even somewhat nice to finally see Gantz and party have a spine and standing up to the Likud. The Likud has held the stronger hand for a long time, with KL not really flexing seriously at any time, so this is new and refreshing. I like a good political fight, or standoff, as much as anyone, and this is finally turning into one.
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