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Kabbalists Aren't Helping Bettors with Election Predictiosn

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Here and there I have seen a sprinkling of articles, each time quoting a different rav or mekubal making a prediction, or stating a vision or prophecy of sorts, as to the results of the upcoming elections in the USA.
I have not kept track of it until now, but as the elections get closer I seem to be seeing more of these, piquing my curiosity. I started looking around to compare statements by different mekubalim, and I see that they have not all been predicting the same results. I would think that if they are all receiving their information from "Above", the information would not be contradictory.
Thankfully, I didn't have to look hard and compile the lists by myself. TOI has an article, as does Kikar, quoting opposing mekubalim each with different visions of the results of tomorrows elections. You can see who predicts what in the linked articles, as I am not going to break down the list.
I am not quite sure how this is supposed to work. After the results are in, do we know which mekubalim are better and which have a weaker connection? Do we know which are real and which are frauds? Do we conclude that they are not stating any visions or "inside information" but just their best wishes, hopes, and evaluations, just like any armchair pundit on blogs (like this one) or on Facebook, but don't really know any better than anyone else? Is it just a best guess?
what is one to think when confronted with opposing kabbalistic pronouncements?
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