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Justin’s Bizarre Anime Backlog Adventure, Week 6

Posted on the 21 May 2014 by Kaminomi @OrganizationASG

Backlog KeimaThis week I finished no anime in my backlog. In fact, I added a show that wasn’t even saddled in there in the first place! BUT…I do have anime that I’ve watched. So, let’s get to describing!


Phi Brain

Watched: 15 out of 25


Ok, so maybe the main character’s kind of unlikable and the puzzles can be overly complex. But when this show is on — Elena Himekawa’s arc basically — it’s tough to beat. The drama to kids playing puzzles is more beautiful than I would’ve thought, and after Ep 8 it’s been excellent. It’s died down compared to that arc now that Rook’s shown up, but so far, Phi Brain’s been smooth sailings.

Well, not smooth sailings for everyone.

Phi Brain

ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Watched: 5 out of 25

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

I leave this alone for a while and…holy crap Aladdin’s kicking so much ass! There’s a naked female Djinni in this show! There’s more to being a Magi then expected! …Well, ok, the last part I did expect, but hey, this show is great! …For now. From what I’ve learned from seeing responses on Twitter, the show loses steam (maybe it’s because it’s anime only stuff? I don’t know) in its second half, some awkward animation shots included. But I was impressed with the two episodes I watched after re-watching Ep 3 to get things kicked off, so it’s hard to not have high expectations moving forward.

And yes, I laughed at Aladdin for sucking a cow’s tit….

…I didn’t see it coming, ok?!?

The Eccentric Family

uchouten kazoku

Watched: 3 episodes (again) out of 13

Rating: 8 out of 10

Maybe leaving this alone was a good thing. Well, so far at least, because after re-watching the first three episodes again, the writing’s stronger than I think I gave it credit for. It’s also witty too, even if the moment doesn’t seem like it (like when Benten was flying in the air laughing after Yasaburo mimic’d what she and the old man was saying and doing in Episode 1). There was stuff I didn’t really care for pertaining Japan’s history, but overall, I’m focused on what’s happening and trying desperately not to drift into indiscriminate thoughts. Maybe that’s helping me like this show a lot.

Girls und Panzer

Watched: 3 episodes (again) out of 12

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Current rating is more likely a reflection of the fact that I’m rewatching thse two episodes (I skipped re-watching episode 1), but hey, at least it’s still positive and not a negative. BTW, the girls having to clean the tanks was pure fanservice! Exploitation! EVERYTHING THAT PEOPLE SAY IS BAD ABOUT ANIME!…And it didn’t last very long as girls shooting rounds from tanks happened. Also Panzer Vor.

Just a typical Sunday morning. No cause for concern here.

Just a typical Sunday morning. No cause for concern here.

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon

Watched: 4 episodes out of a billion

Entertainment level: Way too many sparkles/10

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Sailor Moon: teaching you that getting a low grade will get you homeless in a snap

Sailor Moon: teaching you that getting a low grade is the first step to homelessness

...But srsly, how can Usagi become a better student if her teacher's playing tag?

…But srsly, how can Usagi become a better student if her teacher’s playing tag?

Holy crap, what did I miss out on when I was a kid? Actually scratch that as a kid, it’s way better now. You see, being a black kid in a black household in a black neighborhood, and with the constant perception that Sailor Moon was clearly a show for girls, there was no way I’d dare even watch it, since I’d get the look or at the very least, my immaturity would have said watching Sailor Moon would be like “getting cooties” or other crap like that. It basically was my sensibilities that prevented me from watching this show. Fast forward to 2014, and well, screw that. That and with it being uncut, this is the best time for me to watch this show. So far, I’m being rewarded with a fun and hilarious work. Though when the hell will Usagi start being useful instead of crying all the time…and will Tuxedo Mask do anything productive?

@Kami_nomi He's the damsel in distress who is oddly susceptible to being brain-washed!

— Helen (@WanderinDreamr) May 20, 2014

@Kami_nomi Yep, pretty much…at least until they start brainwashing/kidnapping him on a regular basis.

— Brainchild129 (@brainchild129) May 20, 2014


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