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Justin’s Bizarre Anime Backlog Adventure, Week 2

Posted on the 22 April 2014 by Kaminomi @OrganizationASG

Keima mode

Suddenly realized that I could add adventure to the title. Yes, I’ve already updated the first one with that name.

So, all that said, let’s get to my backlog!

As a side note, I wasn’t completely sure if I would be able to actually finish titles consistently in my backlog, but so far, it’s been pretty good. I’ve taken care of 2 shows last week, am still continuing on with a few shows, and will be adding some more as time goes on. The hope is that I’ll find some shows worth completing instead of finding shows that…are bad.

Like Henneko.


Hentai Prince and The Stony Cat (Henneko)


Now, how did I get Henneko on my backlog? Well, I watched the first episode, thought it was ok, and completely forgot it existed after that. Ok, that wasn’t true — I just got so far behind that I gave up and added it to my large pile of on-hold list shows. But I finally got an opportunity to watch it. It started out decently enough. Then episode 4 happened and all of a sudden it became extremely uninteresting. Then Episode 8 happened when the loli appeared and I wanted to watch paint dry instead. That would surely have been more interesting. The only reason I even stuck with it as far as I did was because I liked the designs of the characters, and sometimes even the characters themselves (especially Tsukushi, or Captain, or Steel King), and I was hoping that they would return Tsukiko’s voice back to normal. That was me being a moron on that front.

Big thumbs up to Yui Ogura, the voice of Tsukiko for managing to sound the way she did for 11 episodes, but aside from that, Henneko was bad. It’s never a good sign when two things happen to me while watching an anime: 1) I yawn in ways I never thought I could yawn before and 2) I consider it dumb. Anime in general can be dumb, so accusing this anime of being dumb seems unfair. Unfortunately, it’s the kind of dumb that doesn’t even advance the plot, or be funny dumb, it’s just so mind-numbingly dumb. I wish I had just left it off at Episode 6.

Rating: 4 out of 10.

Love Live Season 1

Love Live 2

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

I don’t have a great history with idol shows. (Well, I’ve only watched…two? [email protected] is literally the only thing that comes to mind right now) However, when I did watch Love Live Ep 1 I remember liking it well enough, then just like Henneko I completely forgot it existed and had it stashed in my on-hold list. Well, unlike Henneko, I actually liked this show a lot.

The story of how a school on the verge of closing and how some high school girls attempt to save it is pretty fun. And while it doesn’t get too deep into what it’s like to be an idol, it does enough to be interesting and light-hearted enough. Anyways, just 5 things I did like about Love Live:

  1. The cast eventually manages to grow on you, and of course, there will always be a favorite that you latch onto. Eri’s the one I liked the most. From a character standpoint in how she started off opposed to the group forming, to eventually supporting U’s (which is pronounced Muse), she’s a character that stands out from everybody else.
  2. Overall, the introductions of the cast were fine. I generally don’t like it when a billion characters who are important to the series appear in one episode, so how this was managed was good. The plot helped, but instead of worrying about how I was going to remember all these characters, I got to know a bit about them and the best way to remember them. (It’s hard to forget who Hanayo is when she goes into super fangasm mode on idols.)
  3. The musicals in this show were good to tolerable. Most importantly, the choreography, which uses CGI, is ok. It didn’t hurt the product, which, for some shows, it really is a big issue. That’s a thumbs-up right there.
  4. I won’t spoil everything, but I had mixed feelings on what Kotori did as the show went into its final arc. Just something about what she did to her team (and most importantly her close friends Umi and Honoka) made me upset, and so did Umi and Honoka’s reaction. Maybe it’s just high school kids being high school kids, but it was something that made me go, “Why, why?” and definitely did not make me a fan of some girls in general. However, that is to Love Live’s credit. The fact that I was thinking about these things while the show went on is great. I better have some feelings about this show!
  5. I liked the beach episode. Damn you Japan and you continuing to add beach episodes in your works!!!

Anyways, I should be getting started on S2 sometime this week, so it’ll be fun to continue with the show from there.

Detective Conan Movies

Case Closed Movie 3
Countdown To Heaven
Case Closed Movie 4

I had realized while watching so many episodes of Detective Conan that I neglected to watch a bunch of the movies. Well, so I had thought. Whatever the case, I took some time to go watch them, because I felt I needed to!

Last Wizard of The Century: This case involved an egg, Conan, Kaito Kid, and a bunch of other stuff that…I had actually seen before. As I was watching it, some moments felt eerily familiar, when all of a sudden I realized I did see it: back at my anime club. Or specifically, when Funimation used to send screeners out to clubs. Or was that Right Stuf? I think my memory is dete– anyways, whatever the case, I did watch it already, but it was good to see it again, and I recommend you give it a whirl yourself.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Captured In Her Eyes: So far this is my clear-cut favorite for best Detective Conan movie. It combines a solid storyline with a lot of tension, and Ran losing her memory when she sees the main culprit in this film. The best part is I actually guessed who the culprit is…though that might be due to it being a movie only character as opposed to being anything else. I was sold once Conan got the backstory from some of the nurses. It started well, was good in the middle, and ended ok enough (it did get a bit cheesy at the end). Overall, a very fun Conan movie.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Countdown to Heaven: Unfortunately, while the climax to this movie was the best (I replayed Conan driving a car out the window over and over and over), this started out really nonchalantly, to the point where I wondered whether it would get interesting enough at the end. While there was some good elements at play here, it sucked that I felt there wasn’t a real advantage to involving the Black Organization’s Gin and Vodka in this movie. I think their involvement could have been stronger instead of managing to mix up Sonoko with Haibara (Sherry). As for how that happens, you’ll have to consider watching the movie yourself. Overall the end picks up the rest of the film.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


From The New World

Watched: 9 out of 25

Current Rating: 8 out of 10

There’s only two things you need to know about this show:

From the New World
from the new world girl

Not much more needs to be said.

P.S: Ok, one thing: I’m still waiting for it to be addictive, gotta watch this immediately good. Still hasn’t quite happened yet.


Watched: 12 out of 24

Rating: 6.5 out of 10

1) It does some things well, but overall, it’s starting to get pretty tedious. That’s unfortunate, since I like a couple of the things being done here (especially with all of Sakura Hall helping Sorata with his game), and the characters are good. Some of the situations however either are too long or don’t connect with me at all. With there being 12 more episodes, I sincerely wonder if there’s going to be enough happening, and that’s not a thought to entertain at this stage.

2) Also:

Well ok then

Well ok then

Will most likely start by the time this post goes up:

Phi Brain


Watched: 3 episodes of Season 1

Where I’m picking up off: Episode 3

Considering it’s managed to get two more seasons since Season 1, that’s gotta mean it’s gotten extremely without a doubt more awesome and epic and all that good stuff right? Welp, I’m going to find out!



Watched: 3 episodes of Season 1

Where I’m picking up off: Episode 3

I know some people soured on this show in the middle of it thanks to whatever happens later on plus the numerous production problems, but I liked the Dragonball like spirit (yes, the Dragonball like spirit) in Aladdin, and overall it seems earnest and likable. So I’m hoping that’s the case.

Kimi to Boku

Kimi to Boku

Watched: 3 episodes of Season 1

Where I’m picking up off: Episode 3

When I last watched Kimi to Boku, I remember as a passive look at high school boys being high school boys. And it was kind of comforting. Well since then I watched Nichibros. Let’s hope that doesn’t actually affect whether I like this show or not.

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