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Justified, I Love You: 21 Reasons

By Briennewalsh @BrienneWalsh
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Justified, I Love You: 21 Reasons


Ok, so this is just gonna be a stupid fan girl gushing session directed mostly at my brother Stuprendan, and the three other readers, or so, of this blog with whom I regularly communicate about “Justified.” But the last two episodes have been so fantastic that I think they literally gave me a contact high. I just finished this past Tuesday’s, and I am beaming with joy.


It’s sort of like a great novel that’s taken the time to really develop the characters, so you know exactly how they’ll act in any given situation. They stay true to themselves — and loyal to the viewer. You truly love them.


Whoever is writing the shows these days has really picked up their game — I think Justified might be the best show currently on television. The past two episodes are certainly the best tv I’ve seen all year.


And now, to start the fan girl part, here are some of my favorite moments from the last two episodes:

(Don’t read on if you don’t want any spoilers)


1. When that dickhead from Detroit said to Boyd: ”Man, I love the way you talk. You use up forty words where four will do.” 


2. I love how badass and sassy Art has gotten.

3. I love how Ava, after sort of trying — and not quite succeeding — at finding her place in Boyd’s empire finally got down on her knees in front of the dickhead from Detroit, threw a brandy his face, light a lighter, and then pulled a gun to his head.

4. I love how pretty she is.

5. I love that Winona has barely shown her face this season.

6. I love how they’re all US veterans of various wars, and I love how the writers are drawing another line — and hence gray area — between the good guys and the bad guys.

7. I love fucking Deputy Tim Gutterson — the way he talks back to Raylan, the way he just sort of miraculously made a Molotov cocktail like it was no big deal.

8. I love how Rachel told Raylan to get in the goddamn car or else she’d start singing show tunes.

9. I fucking LOVE how I was positive that Constable Bob Sweeney was gonna get his ass kicked by Lalo, the psychopath, and ended up, after looking like he was gonna lose the battle, toughing it out and killing the bastard. I love how he walked out afterwards.

10. I love it that he still asked Raylan to carry him.

11. I love it that Drew Thompson turned out to be Sheriff Shelby Parlow, who in my opinion, is one of the most sympathetic and intelligent characters in the series.

12. I love how Raylan brings Drew Thompson back to his high school, and waits for Boyd in the principal’s office.

13. I love how Raylan and Boyd get into it on the stairwell, and the dickhead sort of goes, “oh brother” because the two of them are so wordy. They have the absolute best banter on tv.

14. I love how Wynn Duffy pussies out and flees.

15. I love how Boyd Crowder always wears his top button buttoned, and looks like a fucking preacher.

16. I love how fucking stupid Ella Mae is, but also how much she loves Ava despite the fact that she tried to kill her. It’s like she has down syndrome in the best possible way.

17. I don’t really love the violence, I’ll admit, it’s gotten a little gratuitous.

18. I love how Johnny tells Ava he loves her.

19. I loved the whole bit about Boyd’s teeth!

20. I love how the writers are a smart as Raylan Givens, and even when you are disappointed in the show, prove to be one step ahead of you with like a fucking slam dunk of a plot twist.

21. And finally, I love how Raylan Givens always, always wins.

There are a lot of other things I love, this is really just a beginner list.

If you somehow still are reading this, and haven’t yet watched the series, GET THE FUCK ON IT. But give it some time. Justified is like your wild little brother. It isn’t perfect, it sometimes can be a little inconsistent, it can sometimes cause a little trouble. But you absolutely fucking love it and want to protect it with every one of your heartbeats. I can’t wait for the next episode.

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