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Justice Democrats (Just Us) Origin, Philosophy, and Progress

By Garry Rogers @Garry_Rogers

Justice Democrats Background

Justice Democrats (Just Us) Origin, Philosophy, and ProgressHere’s another good video that helps explain the goals and methods of the Justice Democrats. A little reluctant to use the term “philosophy” for fear of pretension (:-)), but there you have it.

I got an email back about my platform suggestion.  ” . . . we only have the skeleton of the full platform up on the website at the moment. We have some dedicated and driven people working on writing out the full extended version as I type, which will include more details into the environment and how we can all take care of it better” (— Haley Zink). The revised platform isn’t up yet, but given that the movement is only three days old, I’m satisfied to wait. Be sure to go to and sign up.

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