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Justice 4 Wicca

By Ciciwriter @suemagic

The whole truth and nothing but the truth about what happened to Wicca

First, they “tricked” Chris Papakostas and told him to bring Wicca to court where was forced to let her go with no other option.   Cesar Millan offered the City of Montreal the option of adopting Wicca and taking her from Quebec.   That offer and all other options were refused.   Why?  Only Mr. Lacroix and City of Montreal Officials can answer that.   Right now Montreal simply is not a safe place to own a dog.

95% of death orders for dogs in Montreal are pit bulls and more pit bulls are being euthanized than any other breed

Interview with Chris and his lawyer

Part I

Part II

Justice 4 Wicca

Automatic euthanasia law in Montreal?

There is a very wrong law that needs to be changed and it affects ALL dogs in Montreal. A bite means an automatic death sentence. You have 24 hours to find a court approved canine professional to evaluate your dog. Any idea how impossible that is under 24hrs and how much it will cost you? We all know that a bite may not be a bite. We all know this new law is wrong. We can’t shut up now. Too many Wicca’s need us to make this fair. (Annie)

The Montreal SPCA opposes this law.

“The by-law gives authority to city officials to condemn an animal if his or her judgment declares that the dog is a danger to public, if the canine has bitten and caused skin laceration that have had required stitches. According to the spokesperson of the Montreal SPCA, Sophie Guillard, the by-law does not require the official to consult a qualified dog behavior expert or asks to assess the context of the incident, nor to consider other viable alternatives that would satisfy public safety concerns (such as mandatory muzzling) before ordering a dog’s death.

“Wicca was denied the right to be seen by a behaviorist and determine if her behavior was so extremely aggressive that there was no chance to behavior rehabilitation and therefore kill her. There was no initiative to see what could be done in order to save her.”

What do you think about the actions of the City of Montreal?  Should they be held accountable?  Should there be a Wicca’s Law?

Is the Mayor of Montreal and the bureaucrats reading BS like this?

The mayor of Montreal and others should know about the Pit Bull Hall of Fame

Should the people of Montreal  start an underground pit bull railroad?

Underground pit bull railroad in Toronto–ontario-s-pit-bull-ban-the-pit-bull-underground-railroad

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