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Just Keep Swimming

By Annamoss84 @missanniebean
As you may or may not be aware I have (idiotically) entered myself to complete my first triathlon in June.  Not only is it my very first triathlon but it is Sprint Distance and it’s an open water swim... nothing like a challenge hey?!

So I love to cycle and when my foot is mended (dislocated a bone) I’ll be happy to run, but swimming? Oh goodness that’s a whole different story due to the fact I am actually awful.  I use to love swimming but as life has rolled on I just have become lazy, and simply do a pathetic version of what should be breast stroke.Now the thing is it’s all well and good me doing breast stroke but not for 750m.... it may just take me all day! I have to learn how to do front crawl and considering I hate to get my hair wet, it’s undoubtedly going to be a challenge!  So up with the birds my other half and me, (Iron man completer) have been getting up and going to the local leisure center to train.  I originally started out in my grotty old simple black swimming cossie but it was unsupportive and wearing away, so I went on a mission to find a new fashion forward one.I decided to have a look at what fun swimming costumes were out there, mainly in protest of opting for the standard basic one.PoolAs you can see there are numerous sorts out there but I decided to invest in a Speedo Pinnacle Kickback Swimsuit - £60.00 (top left).

Just Keep SwimmingColour Firstly the clour stands out without being too much... plus I never misplace my swimming costume before packing my swim bag as it's nice and bright!Just Keep SwimmingFabric The first obvious thing that stuck out for me was of course the colour, but when you feel the fabric you can tell it's well made and not likely to wear away easily.  Speedo have designed this swimming costume with regular swimmers in mind, by using their exclusive Speedo fabric called Endurance+which helps to stop any snagging and protect it from chlorine.
Endurance+I have been swimming properly since the end of last year but only over the last few weeks I been using my new Speedo costume.  I did initially think it was going to be quite stiff after reading about Speedo's Endurance+ fabric, but it actually isn't and instead it's flexible and soft.
Just Keep SwimmingSupportOne main winner for me with this particular swimsuit is the built in bust support, it's general stability and how it naturally holds you in.  It's quite a little genius really!  I certainly felt confident enough to go swimming only thinking about my exercising rather than any possible wardrobe malfunctions!
WashingAs I am swimming most days now I am having to wash the swimsuit a lot, I was a bit worried about the fabrics but it seems to be as it was when I got it.   OverallWell I am still swimming most days, (learning how to do front crawl!) so maybe I'll give you an update in June (before my triathlon) and I'll let you know how the swimming and my swimwear is doing!  This particular swimsuit is the Speedo Pinnacle Kickback.Just Keep Swimmingxoxo

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