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Just 1 of Those Days.

By Zakialacey @zakialaceyblog
I write to inspire single moms and other women who might be going through similar things that I have been through, but don't get it twisted...I have my days too. You know those days right? The days when everyone is getting on your nerves and nothing is going as planned. Yup, I have those days.
Overall life is great, I am so blessed but I still have to remind myself of this daily because some days none of it seems to matter. Luckily I have a very positive husband who does a great job of getting me out of my funk but to those who are not as fortunate (yet) I want you to know that I am here. You're not alone. Don't be fooled by the happy tweeters and people who only have positive quotes as their facebook statuses. Trust me, they have those days too. The biggest smile can sometimes be hiding the most pain. Don't let anyone else's happiness get you down; you will get everything that is meant for you when the time is right. Nobody has control over your happiness; remember that the next time you are sad. Next time you are feeling down get up and do something that makes you happy. Look at old pictures, watch a funny movie, listen to music, dance, exercise, do something!
Stop comparing yourself to others because like I've said before, life is not a race. That woman might appear happy to the outside world but her home might be full of drama. That guy might have a newer car than you but we have no idea what he had to do to get it, he might not even own it! Those same girls who judged you for being single and pregnant might end up being single just never know.
The grass is not always greener on the other side.
Be you, and be happy.

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