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Junkers Ju 52/3m (Ateliers Aéronautique)

By Htam

2014 Danube River cruise trip,  Deutsches Museum,@Deutsches Museum, Munich, Germany

December 2014

The Deutsches Museum in Munich is one of the great technology museums of the world, and I was fortunate to visit the facility during a vacation.  Designed in 1932, the Ju 52 combined rugged construction with easy maintenance and reliability, and was the standard Lufthansa airliner throughout the 1930s.  Over 5,000 Ju 52 were manufactured from 1932 to 1952, more than any other transport aircraft other than the Douglas DC-3.  This example was license in France by Ateliers Aéronautique in 1947.  Nikon D7000 w/18-200mm, processed with Photomatix Pro and Aperture.

Junkers Ju 52/3m (Ateliers Aéronautique)

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