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June Paw Pals

By Ciciwriter @suemagic

Hooray for Paw Pals…like pen pals for dogs…

a fun way to meet other dog owners and for your dogs, it’s a real win win situation… the way that it works is that Doggy Dessert Chef will send you the name of your pawpal for the month, you email them and ask what they like and send them a package of goodies on the 10th of the month. Another person sends you a goodie package. And the paw pals change every month. You send and receive goodie packages filled with gifts of toys, treats, a card and something for you. Then on the 25th of the month, you write about it on your blog, if you have one, like this. Pretty nifty, huh.

This month we received a yummy bone and Dogswell duck treats for Cici and habanero chocolate for me… hot stuff !!!  (I was asked for something specific to Arizona and I said chocolate covered cactus or something chocolate and hot)… I am going to make some kind of mole’ sauce out of this, but I tasted it, spread it on a roll and it is yummylicious. Not too hot (spicy) but with just enough kick. I had heard about Mexican chocolate dishes using mole’ sauce which I have never had but ole’ now I will have to experiment with mole’.  Ole’!

June paw pals

Now, do you think Cici enjoyed her bone?  Fiesta, baby !

Onto the Dogswell duck jerky…(made from cage free quack quacks)…

Thanks Paw pals !!!

June paw pals

June paw pals

June paw pals

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