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July Disability News and Blog Post Round-Up

By Emily @emily_ladau

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I have no clue how the end of July is here already, but I’m pretty excited because Words I Wheel By is turning one year old on August 12th! While I gear up for the excitement of my very first blogiversary, here are some of the best reads on disability that I discovered over the past month. As usual, the list might be just a teeny bit long, because I have trouble narrowing things down. I highly suggest pinning or bookmarking the round-up so you can come back to it whenever you have a few spare moments. Let me know what interested you the most, and if you think I missed anything!

Words I Wheel By's July Disability News and Blog Post Round-up

Disability News

  • Powerchairs: A “moving” story – These toddler-sized power chairs are really cool, and the story behind them is equally wonderful.
  • ‘We’re all different’: JCPenney shows unique mannequins in New York storefront – Slowly but surely, there’s a movement to include the disability community in mainstream fashion. I’m glad JCPenney is behind it.
  • Oldest Known Case Of Down Syndrome Offers Insights – Apparently, a skeleton has been discovered of a person with the oldest case on record of down syndrome. The conclusions from the finding might just surprise you!
  • Utah mom’s plea: Let 12-year-old daughter into first grade – This article poses something interesting to consider: should a disabled child be placed in a school setting based on age or ability level?
  • Using Cardboard to Bring Disabled Children Out of the Exile of Wrong Furniture – What a creative and much-needed use of cardboard to make accessible furniture!

Disability Blog Posts

  • A leak in the system: when a little girl felt sorry for my son – Mary Evelyn’s deeply honest take on what it’s like when people express pity towards disability is absolutely worth the read.
  • UNTITLED – I’m unsure if the poem is called “untitled” or it’s simply untitled, but regardless, this poem is a beautiful take on the pressures of “normalcy.” It’s written by Jennifer Bartlett, who edited one of my favorite poetry collections on disability.
  • No more Mr Nice Guy: When disabled people get nasty – Laurence Clark is a hilarious comedian who hits the nail on the head with this post about why people trying to be “nice” to people with a visible disability can be frustrating.
  • Compliments 101 – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten comments on my general existence that are meant to be compliments, but I perceive them differently. This is a great explanation as to why, thanks to one of my favorite advocates, Cheryl Green.
  • The Doctor Was Right About Me: Why We Need To Stop Shutting Those Who Do Not “Defy Medical Odds” Out – A great piece on why disabled people who don’t “defy the odds” are no less important than any other human.
  • The A-B-C’s – One of my lovely friends started her own blog, and this post she wrote on America and social justice is quite succinct and powerful.
  • Guest blog post: The ADA Is Not Enough by Stephanie Woodward – This is an incredibly poignant take by an advocate I really respect on why we need to go further in the disability rights movement.

Hope you found some wonderful reads here!

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