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July 4th Safety Tips, for a Safe Holiday.

By Probestpest @ProBestPest


  1. If you do any Independence Day holiday hiking, bring plenty of water for you and your pets, check your pets for ticks when you arrive home. Also keep an eye out for Africanized Honeybees, they might alert you by bumping into you.
  2. No drinking and driving, car, boat or anything else motorized. If you are going to party watch out for honeybees or wasp trying to get into your drink. Good way to get stung!
  3. The sun can do some damage to your skin, wear sunscreen. Some insects may be attracted to some sunscreens so bee aware.
  4. Picnics are great but ants may show up, so again keep an eye out as to where you place the blanket.
  5. Fireworks are nice (ohhhhh, ahhhhhh) you get the picture but mosquitoes may also be out and ready to bite.

So have a great time and join in on the fun and celebrations of July 4th, but be safe and aware.


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