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Julia & Chris Got Married! | Wedding Photography

By Tuxandtales @TuxandTales

1950′s Inspired Wedding With Red Love Hearts

They say I get all the most beautiful redheaded brides and well – I hate to brag – but I totally do. Not only did Julia’s lovely red locks looks stunning – but she even had a whole red themed day with little heart accents!

Julia, who works for a vintage events company, truly nailed vintage glamour with her Couture Company frock and pincurls whilst Chris sported some fabulous red heart details. And of course – you can’t not mention the VINTAGE RED MUSTANG. Every wedding needs one. Seriously.

I know that in these things I am supposed to focus on talking about just the bride and groom – which makes sense because it is their big day. However, something would be totally amiss if I didn’t mention their gorgeous daughters and son. I mean – Julia and Chris had the PERFECT family wedding. With a blend of ‘his’ and ‘hers’ bridesmaids and usher – it was just so wonderful to see how excited they all were to become officially brothers and sisters. Making a family a family – isn’t that what weddings are all about?

Bride getting ready for 1950s inspired wedding Yorkshire
1950s inspired Wedding Photography Bride getting ready
Vintage wedding Hairstyled Yorkshire
Little girl arranged Melissa red heart wedding shoes at Yorkshire Wedding
Red and white wedding dress couture company
Bride preparation wedding photography Yorkshire
Little girl watches as mother gets ready for vintage 1950s themed wedding
Yorkshire wedding phtoography brides mother and sister laughing
Brides mother looks on has bride has hairpiece put on at vintage wedding in yorkshire
Yorkshire bridesmaids cuddling
Bridesmaid puts on shoes Yorkshire
Hear necklace 1950s wedding heart details
Bride looks at courutre company dress before she puts it on at vintage themed wedding in Yorkshire
Heart shaped cuff links in Yorkshire wedding
Red corest dress from Courutre Company at Yorkshire 1950s wedding
Yorkshire wedding
Bride in courstted red wedding dress yorkshire
Yorkshire wedding Photography
Bridesmaids makes an exasperated face at vintage themed wedding
York wedding phtoography of bride getting readyf or vintage themed wedding
Bridesmaid grabs brides boobs being funny and joking at vintage themed wedding
Bride in mirror at vintage themed weddign couture company wedding dress
Bride in 1950s themed wedding with read heart details in a couture company wedding dress
Bride at vintage thmed wedding with red heart details in couture company dress
red rose bouquet bride with red sparkle nail polish
Groom with stag horns over head and bouquets resting atop a classic red Mustang
Vintage themed bride walks up aisle in yorkshire wedding
Yorkshire Wedding Photography
Ring exchange wedding vintage Yorkshire
Bridesmaid smiles during wedding ceremony at Yorkshire vintage thmed red heart details
Yorkshire wedding phtoography
Vintage wedding  bride walks down aisle
Bridesmaid jumps on wedding bed
Wedding pose in apple orchard with a vintage bride in yorkshire
Bride and groom pose in vintage at vintage themed wedding in Yorkshire
Wedding photography poses at vintage themed wedding in apple orachard
Apple orchard wedding pose
Vintage bride pose with red details in Yorkshire Photography
Bride and groom pose in front of vintage car
Bride and groom spin in front of red vintage mustang photography
Bride and groom dancing in front of vintage mustang red heart details photographyt
York Wedding Photography Vintage Red Dress 50s Rockabilly Tux and Tales_0188
Red heart confetti at vintage wedding
Couple showered inr ed heart confetti at vintage themed wedding in Yorkshire
Bride, groom and daughters make funny faces at red themed vintage wedding in Yorkshire
Windmill cake at Yorkshire wedding red hear details
Yorkshire wedding photography speeches
Little girl looks at father giving grooms speech yorkshire wedding
bride holding the hand of groom during speeches at vintage themed wedding in yorkshire
Bridemaid wipes away tear during wedding speeches
Red heart detail vintage wedding with msutang in Yorkshire
First dance wedding photography Yorkshire
Vintage first dance wedding photography
Yorkshire wedding photography dancing to the music
Vintage bridesmaids dancing yorkshire wedding photography
dance floor wedding photography in yorkshire

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