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Judge This!

Posted on the 17 September 2014 by Jezebel282
Democratic Town Committee Procedures

Democratic Town Committee Procedures

You may have noticed some election season lawn signs popping up in town. The one that is most interesting is the one for Probate Judge. Let’s repeat that. Judge. So who do you think the Democratic Town Committee would select after having been banished to the wilderness for the last five years? Why none other than Miron’s former mayoral aide, Kent Miller, that’s who. You remember Kent Miller don’t you? He was the one brought before the CT State Grievance Committee who subsequently found that Mr. Miller “violated the Rules of Professional Conduct”. http://www.jud.ct.gov/SGC/decisions/050708.htm

A Probate Judge is responsible for, among other things, making decisions about other people’s money and/or estates. Not to mention other areas like depriving someone of the right to make decisions for themselves. So who does the Democratic Town Committee select as their candidate for this important position?

Kent Miller.

And they wonder why nobody votes for Democrats in this town.

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