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By Cifarshayar @cifarshayar
After reading spiritual books,listening spiritual teachers he started considering all relations,all things in this world futile. He wanted to meet god and for that he went to a journey to sacred places. He left no place and traveled every pilgrimage regardless to any religion.As much he travel his anxiety increased more and he was unable to find god. He found no result in his meetings with different priests,maulvis,pandits,etc. One day he encountered a hermit who told him to go back home because god was there only. He returned without understanding his meaning.
When he reached home he saw his mother and father in very pathetic condition without him. He used to be the sole earner of the family without him they were unable to fed themselves properly owing to their limited resources. He cried after seeing them in such condition." How I can find God leaving my parents in this condition. To make them comfortable in this age was my first duty, I was running from that to have God?" He hugged both of them and apologized for his wrong doing.
He had spent all his savings in this traveling to search god. He would start again his journey of life. But now he was certain that he need not to travel the world to search god. They were with him. 
One can't get god by hurting others,Bulle Shah once said that :                                                                               मस्जिद ढा दे ,मंदिर ढा दे ,ढा दे जो कुछ दिसदा,पर किसी दा दिल न ढावीं,रब दिलान विच वसदा। 
Break down mosque,temple and everything in sight,But don't break any one's heart, God in it resides.  
So travel you inner self to have a glimpse of God and don't hurt others.
Travel - Festival of Words 2 - Day 5 
Taking part in Write Tribe Festival of Words - 2 (8 - 14 Dec.2014)

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