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Jotta @ Latitude Festival

By Theneonhub @theneonhub

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For the second year, jotta have collaborated with Fallon Films to bring new pieces of work from the jotta community of emerging artists and designers to 2011’s Latitude Festival.

A ground-breaking water technique produces a giant hyper-holographic 3D moving-image display floating above the lakes at the center of the festival, where short films and animations by jotta artists were shown in truly unique surroundings.

Twelve contributing artists and designers took part in the stunning array of surreal moving image pieces onto water projections.

For this year’s water projection show, the artists were asked explore the notion of ‘synergy’: two or more things functioning together to produce a result not independently obtainable. The 12 contributing artists and designers have each responded to this starting stimulus with an incredible array of beautiful, ethereal, strange and down-right trippy moving image pieces, which will be occupying the sky and reflected from the lake this weekend.

Contributing Artists:
Daniel Swan, Eric Schockmel, Rafael Pavon, Ian Marshall, Joel Somerfield, Kee, Kristina Cranfield, Paul Ferragut, Pimeriko, Sally Stevens, Sarah Hibbert, Sarah Culross

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