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Jonathan McReynolds Talks Dealing With Loneliness

By Firstladyb
Jonathan McReynolds Talks Dealing With Loneliness
In an exclusive interview with the Christian Post, Make Room singer, Jonathan McReynolds opened up about dealing with loneliness. Check it out:

Being a successful Gospel/Christian singer has its rewards, but it also comes with its own set of issues.  Artists find themselves having to be careful of people’s intentions, something McReynolds touched on during his interview with the CP’s Christine Thomasos.

“You get a lot of people that want to be around you sometimes for good reasons, sometimes for not so good reasons, sometimes for both,” he shared. “And then you realize that you have a very lonely kind of isolated life.”

McReynolds then shared how living a lonely/isolated life can lead to cycles of mistakes if not managed properly.

“I could be around a lot of people, but still sometimes loneliness sets in when you don’t have anybody to come home to and share that with. In those moments of loneliness that’s when a cycle can definitely start,” he said. “You start seeing things repeated, the same mistakes being made over and over [because of] that loneliness.”

In those moments, instead of venting like most folks do on social media, the singer talks to God.

“All of those things that I want to say on Facebook and I know I can’t, I say to God. And sometimes it turns into a song,” he told CP. “‘Cycles might have been one of those songs.”

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