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Jonathan C. Sullivan Knows KungFu (Whoa)

Posted on the 03 October 2011 by Mikeb302000

Too funny.  Linoge (Jonathan C. Sullivan of Knoxville, Tennessee) is learning Kung Fu. In Tennessee.
So long as there are rubes like Jon Sullivan..there will always be a market for fleecing the sheep.

sword of kahless

8 comments | 0837 01Oct11 | written by LinogeJonathan C. Sullivan Knows KungFu (Whoa)Late last week, when our sifu was teaching us the first staff form for kung fu (yes, we are starting weapons as no-belts… I have some reservations about this), and after I had successfully thwacked myself about twenty different times, I asked him when we were going to learn bat’leth.He did not get it.*sigh*

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