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Jon Stewart on Background Checks

Posted on the 06 February 2013 by Mikeb302000

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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This aired a week or so ago. It was the first time I saw that old clip of Wayne La Pierre supporting universal background checks. Since then it's been used several times. At one of them, Orlin said Wayne's not guilty of flip-flopping, like I'd said, but rather this shows an evolution in his thinking and he's just being honest about it.
What do you think?
Also, what do you think about the foolishness of claiming that criminals will not obey laws?  Jon Stewart put that one down with a joke better than all our efforts to argue against its stupidity. Oftentimes the pro-gun folks say that one as a straw-man argument pretending that gun control folks are so naive that we believe it. In the Senate hearing, La Pierre seemed to be saying it seriously, hence Jon Stewart's joke.
How can anyone take the NRA seriously with leadership like that?

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