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Joined up Government - a Waitress Speaks.

Posted on the 03 August 2020 by Markwadsworth @Mark_Wadsworth

Her Indoors and I ventured out for breakfast yesterday.
The waitress asked us to download their chain's app so that we place our orders online, and returned a few minutes later to take our orders anyway. Which was a good start.
She also asked one of us to do the track-and-trace nonsense. Her Indoors duly did it (and entered her real name and address, duh), but that was pointless too because the waitress didn't actually ask for confirmation that either of us had.
I showed the waitress the other apps which Playstore recommended after I'd downloaded the restaurant's app, which were all stuff like "how to count your calories", "fitness tracker" and so on, which I found quite chucklesome.
She said that nothing made sense any more. Her restaurant was doing the "eat out to help out" offer, starting today (i.e. tomorrow at the time this happened) but at the same time, the government was telling people not to socialise too much and doing the usual anti-obesity propaganda, the latest iteration being telling fat people that they are more likely to die if they catch covid-19.
I agreed of course, and gave her the counter example of long distance flyers being hit with higher Air Passenger Duty but getting money off alcohol and tobacco in the duty free shops before they board.
(I then deleted their app again, seeing as I didn't need it.)

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