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John, Louise, David and Katy – Britain’s Nicest Neighbours

Posted on the 28 February 2014 by 72point @72hub

Britain’s kindest and most considerate neighbours are likely to be called John, Louise, Alan and Helen, a study has found. The light-hearted study of 2,000 people found the best neighbours – those who house-sit, put the bins out, and are extra cheerful – often bear these monikers.

But those living next-door to people named Nathan, Callum, Madeleine and Kimberly are in for a rough ride, as they proved least likely to be nice neighbours.

The study, which was commissioned by home security specialist Yale, evaluated people’s past experiences with those living closest to them and found people named David, Katie, Richard and Helen are also good to have next door.

But Lee, Justin, Zoe and Annabel are to be avoided, as they are more likely to litter the pavements, let their pets soil the lawn and play loud music late at night.

David Herbert, Head of Marketing for Yale, said:

”The relationship we have with our neighbours can have a big impact on our home life, and having a friendly face or two next door can really make a difference.

”Of course the name of a person doesn’t necessarily have a bearing on the kind of neighbor they are and the real proof is more in their actions and levels of consideration – having friendly neighbours you can depend on is a great asset.

”With someone friendly next door who you can rely on, leave a key with or who will help you out from time to time can add significantly to a happy home life and sense of community.’’

The study also found six in ten Brits said their relationships with the people next door were mainly limited to niceties and the occasional hello.

A chatty one in five said they speak almost every day in some way, while nearly one in ten have a neighbor who is a firm friend.

But it’s not always harmonious between neighbours and 30% of people questioned as part of the study would definitely change the people living next door if they had the option.

Not surprisingly a similar proportion had experienced troubles with a neighbor in the past and, when quizzed on their gripes, the biggest problem for many was ‘their cats do their business in my garden’.

Other acts likely to see a name fall lower down the nice neighbor list included blocking a driveway or parking in the wrong spaces, while having a constantly barking dog or a messy garden were also big no-no’s.

And a despairing one in seven has even moved home because the people living next door came to be too much.

David Herbert added:

”We’re not really able to pick and choose our neighbours, and clearly there are sometimes disagreements, with some people better to live next to than others.

”However, making the effort with the people around us will always pay dividends. As well as avoiding the pitfalls of falling out over small issues that can escalate into big problems it can help to improve quality of life and wellbeing.

“Neighbours who look out for one another often benefit from living in safer communities, and one of the big advantages of having neighbours you can trust and rely on is that it can help to keep your home, family and possessions safe and secure.”


1. John
2. David
3. Alan
4. Richard
5. Paul
6. Peter
7. Alex
8. Mark
9. Simon
10. Edward
11. Andrew
12. Robert
13. James
14. Christopher
15. William
16. Stephen
17. Daniel
18. Matthew
19. Sam
20. Nigel


1. Nathan
2. Callum
3. Giles
4. Lee
5. Justin
6. Gareth
7. Gary
8. Neil
9. Ben
10. Martin


1. Louise
2. Katie
3. Helen
4. Amy
5. Emily
6. Elizabeth
7. Sarah
8. Sophie
9. Charlotte
10. Lucy
11. Emma
12. Grace
13. Hannah
14. Gemma
15. Claire
16. Other
17. Jessica
18. Rebecca
19. Alice
20. Samantha


1. Madeleine
2. Kimberly
3. Zoe
4. Annabel
5. Lauren
6. Abigail
7. Chloe
8. Andrea
9. Lydia
10. Nicole

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