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John Galliano Could Loose His Job at Dior!

By Lauramoodley

Oh my! i just cant believe it! The fashion prince himself was arrested yesterday after reportedly assaulting and verbally abusing a Jewish/Asian couple in a Paris bar.

He supposedly threw drunken, violent and anti-Semitic (anti Jewish) insults at the couple, resulting in his arrest and total, immediate suspension from Dior; What a pickle to get yourself into John huh? whos been a naughty boy?

Pending a the result of a  full inquiry by the French police, Galliano may or may not loose his position at the fashion house where he has reigned for more than 10 years.

This is BIG news in fashion as every top designer will be gunning for his position and im sure Diors CEO must be on the lookout for a replacement just incase the judges rule that Galliano is guilty.

Just before Fashion week too! with 2 shows (Dior and his own brand John Galliano)just about ready to go, whats gonna happen at the Dior runway?

xoxo LLM

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