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Joe Manganiello Teases Werewolf-Centric Season 5

Posted on the 11 November 2011 by Thevault @The_Vault

Joe Manganiello Teases Werewolf-Centric Season 5It sure looks like True Blood might be very “werewolf” orientated this upcoming season or at least that’s the scoop from Joe Manganiello and he’s champing at the bit to get started.

Oh my god, I can’t f—ing wait,” he enthused to TVLine at the after-party for this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (airing Nov. 29 on CBS). ”The fact that they’re basically busy casting an entire new pack of werewolves is unbelievable. There’s going to be like a werewolf show within the show this this year, so I’m like a kid about it!

Among the lycanthropes making tracks to Bon Temps: late pack leader Marcus’ mother, Annie (played by Winter’s Bone standout Dale Dickey); a hot young she-wolf named Rikki; and a hard-bodied fiftysomething named J.D. who sounds suspiciously like Alcide’s never-before-seen father.

It may not be what you expect,” teases Manganiello of the character, adding, “Alcide’s dad is in [Charlaine Harris' fifth Sookie novel]. Whether or not he makes an appearance… well, that’s a question for [executive producer] Alan [Ball].” (With reporting by Matt Webb Mitovich)



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