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Joe Manganiello Lone Werewolf on a Vampire Show

Posted on the 11 June 2014 by Thevault @The_Vault

alcideEWTrue Blood’s Joe Manganiello arrived on True Blood when he was the only werewolf there, but soon in Season 3 there was a werewolf storyline with lots of new werewolf characters.  This continued into Season 4 and Joe’s Alcide was featured even more when he became a werewolf pack master.

However, in True Blood’s Seasons 5 & 6, the focus was more on the vampires of the show, giving Joe less to do. There have been rumors flying about that maybe the fans should be worried about seeing even less of Alcide much in Season 7. The producers have already said the final season would focus more on Sookie  and Bill, so where does that leave True Blood’s favorite werewolf? Read more about it below:

Although Alcide is still part of Sookie’s life, JoeManganiello hinted that he isn’t in as much of the show as he used to be. Manganiello told Buzzfeed that he noticed his screen time dwindling last season.

“There was some shifting around in the hierarchy on True Blood and one of the casualties was my storyline,” Manganiello admitted. “It became very clear I was the lone werewolf on the vampire show, and no matter how you cut it, it’s not about you.”

Manganiello revealed he was only going into work one day every three weeks.

With this season being True Blood’s last, Manganiello doesn’t seem so bitter about the set-up. The hot actor said he thinks his werewolf role set him up for after the HBO series ends.

“During the first few seasons, I had great stuff to do,” Manganiello said about working with Paquin and when he had a wolf pack. “But I don’t think that I’ll be pigeonholed by the role because I wasn’t a part of the show enough for that to happen. I think Alcide gave me a career past the show, but I don’t think it will necessarily be what I am remembered for. It was the means, not the end.”

So, while we don’t know how much we’ll see Joe’s character, Alcide in the final season, we do know that Joe Manganiello has a bright future ahead.  His film, La Bare, a documentary that he produced and directed about the world’s most popular male strip club is coming out on June 27 and then there’s that film, Magic Mike 2, which we’re sure Joe will be a part of.



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