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Joe Manganiello Likes To Do Things That Get The Heart Racing

Posted on the 01 November 2011 by Thevault @The_Vault

Joe Manganiello Likes To Do Things That Get The Heart RacingTrue Blood star Joe Manganiello talks to the Metro about living in a haunted flat, working on a bad Latin American soap opera and getting naked on stage.

What’s the appeal of the show?
It’s the sexiest show ever made. It combines great humor with heartfelt drama and a level of kinkiness that’s unmatched. Aside from that, it’s smart and well written. It’s about more than vampires and werewolves but that, and the sex and blood and shock value, makes for a good time.

It has raised your profile as an actor – are you enjoying that?
It’s amazing. It’s changed my life. Of all the things you can become recognised for I’m very happy it’s this show. A lot of the things I did in drama school and theater have been pretty out there and racy, which prepared me for this show.

What sort of things?
I shaved my head at drama school and pulled my teeth out for a role. I like to do things to get the heart racing. I did an Off-Broadway show that involved full frontal nudity – I’ve always gravitated to challenging projects. It’s interesting now that the things pushing boundaries are shows on cable TV, whereas film has become more conservative.

Does a show like this put casting directors off considering you for non-nude roles?
No, because the show is watched by most of the industry. I constantly meet actors and directors who love the show. It’s not a fluffy vampire, fairy, werewolf show. There’s a lot going on with the relationships. There are a lot of ongoing plotlines. I believe if Tennessee Williams was alive today he’d be writing a vampire TV show set in the Deep South.

What’s the worst acting job you’ve done?
I shot 65 episodes of a South American telenovela that had been translated into English by people who weren’t writers – they were bilingual. It was awful but I needed to pay the bills. It was so ridiculous I had to start laughing at it.

Did it make you consider giving up acting? 
I just tried not to think about it. I thought: ‘One day I’ll look back on this and laugh.’

Have you met any wacky fans?
We have the most loyal, passionate fans but also some freaky ones. I get some pretty wild requests but it’s all good fun: women who have heard of the healing properties of wolf saliva who want me to lick them.

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