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Joe Manganiello Interviewed by Look.UK Magazine

Posted on the 09 September 2011 by Thevault @The_Vault

Joe Manganiello interviewed by Look.UK Magazine

True Blood’s Joe Manganiello was recently in London promoting True Blood Season 3 and while there he was interviewed by Look Magazine.  Below is a portion of that interview with Joe.

LOOK: True Blood’s back for a third season and you’re making your debut! What’s so good about working on the show?
JOE: Everyone is very down to earth and normal, which is surprising because the show is so insane! I don’t think there’s been a kinkier TV show, or this racy.

LOOK: You’re telling us! Have you always been so confident showing off your bod and would you keep in such fab shape if you weren’t doing nude scenes for True Blood?
JOE: When I was at college I did a play in New York and it involved full frontal nudity. Some of my class mates showed up. Their mouths dropped. If a part doesn’t necessitate being in this kind of shape I don’t keep it up. I train two times a day for six days a week so it’s hard work, time consuming – it’s brutal.

LOOK: How does your fiancée Audra deal with seeing her man getting naked on telly?
JOE: She laughs at the nudity. She kind of takes the piss out of me about it and reminds me that she’s the one who washes my underpants!

LOOK: Your character is romantic and reliable, is that what you’re like in a relationship?
JOE: That would be a question for my fiancée! There’s a sensitivity to Alcide and what I love about him is how it turns people’s perception of a werewolf or a monster on it’s head. He’s afraid of getting hurt and is deeply affected by having to be an outsider.


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